Increase space and storage in your tiny space

Increase space and storage in your tiny space

Are you wanting to join the tiny house movement and make a home out of a container? Maybe your answer isn’t yes but you still need to come to a compromise and downsize in space. Whether that means going from four bedrooms to two bedrooms, or a house to a caravan, or a two-bedroom house to a tiny house – everyone wants to make the most out of their space and here’s how you can.
Remember, sometimes we have to compromise on aspects of a property, whether that be the:

  • location
  • price, or
  • size.

This might feel like a major struggle for some people but the tiny house movement is gaining momentum for nothing. If you have had to downsize and you’re still unsure about how you can make your tiny space seem:

  • comfortable
  • bigger and
  • livable

Then you’re in the right place (reading-wise) because I’m about to help you change that. Here are a few tips and tricks that will open up your tiny space and stop you stressing about the issues of storage.
More light, more “room”
Making sure that you’re keeping windows and blinds open to allow light in is going to make your property physically brighter and feel more open. Dark rooms don’t allow a sense of space and therefore make rooms feel closed in and small. Utilising natural light and lighter colours when considering interior decor is a great way to make your space feel bigger.

Don’t make do, de-clutter

If you move from a bigger space to a smaller space you will likely notice that you have a lot more stuff than you thought. If you’re not the best at clearing out your things anyway then now is the time to start getting good at it. This is because if you don’t get rid of things then:

  • they are likely to be shoved into places where you will never actually find or use them.
  • they will use up a lot of room and take away space for activities!
  • you won’t be able to buy any more new items if your house is chocka-block. So clearing out things now makes room for new things later.

Marie’s method of decluttering

One method that makes going through your items and playing a game of “stays” and “goes” easier is by Marie Kondo. Kondo’s method involves:

  1. Going through each of the items you own
  2. Asking if it brings you joy (or not), and
  3. Making two piles which consist of those that bring you joy and those that do not.

Then based on whether the item is necessary you decide to either keep the item or donate it. For more information on Marie Kondo and the Kon Mari method of decluttering, see here.

Time to invest in storage

Once you have decluttered your belongings, there will probably be some things left that you won’t necessarily use every day but you still need to keep. Things like tools and first aid kits require special spaces in storage and if you are finding that you don’t actually have any then it is time to invest in some.
Some options for storage in a tiny space, include:

  • A bed with storage space underneath. Something like draws or flat containers that you can pull out from under the bed base are ideal.
  • Shelves that attach to walls.
  • Adhesive wall hooks are also useful for storing or hanging things like towels, handbags, scarves, cooking utensils, and other items.
  • Floor-to-ceiling storage units are perfect for a tiny space – especially if your ceiling isn’t too low. These storage units help you to use up space that would usually go to waste and they also fit a lot in them. You could use the top shelves of the storage unit for things you don’t often need and some of the bottom shelves could even be utilised as a wardrobe.

Tidy regularly

General messiness always makes living spaces feel smaller and cramped than they actually are. If you make a habit of:

  • tidying as you go
  • cleaning up your mess before going to bed, or
  • just tidying whenever you’ve got a spare moment

then your living space is going to feel a lot roomier.
Mirrors, mirrors, on your walls
Putting a few mirrors around your home is a great way to create the illusion of space. If you don’t like the idea of having heaps of different mirrors in your home then investing in one big mirror will do the trick.

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself. If anything else, it provides the perfect opportunity to get creative with how you’re presenting and using your space. Making a small property feel like home can be a lot of fun, and it gives you a chance to really play around with decoration and presentation. Being forced to be mindful of the amount of ‘stuff’ you have lying around can be a great start to keeping a less cluttered life.

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