Where to do a TINZ check? - Tenancy Information NZ

Where to do a TINZ check? – Tenancy Information NZ

If you’re looking for the TINZ website, you’ve come to the right place. We give you a brief history of one of New Zealand’s first tenancy organisations, specialising in background information on tenants.

What is TINZ?

The TINZ service was started back in 1998, and was only available over fax machine. In the beginning the TINZ database contained information on 4,500 defaulting tenants, with this number quickly growing to over 40,000 tenant records.

The Tenancy Information Service NZ is designed to be a “one-stop” shop. So that finding everything out about a tenant happens in one place.

After six years, in 2004, Tenant Net and Tenancy Information New Zealand merged together. Meanwhile, upgrading their service to not only provide Tenancy Tribunal decisions, but also tenant ratings and notices.

One year later in 2005 TINZ saw the launching of credit checking services. After that, landlords could complete the credit checking of tenants against the Baycorp Advantages (now Illion) database.

What sources are included in a TINZ check?

TINZ checks the following sources:

What happened to Tenancy Information New Zealand?


In 2019, Illion acquired TINZ and rebranded as Illion Tenancy.

How much does a TINZ check cost?

There are a range of options you can choose for completing a check with TINZ, for instance;

  1. Checks are still being included in the Tenantcheck.co.nz full tenant check (New Zealand’s most comprehensive tenant check). In addition with all of New Zealand’s credit checking agencies. – $89
  2. Doublecheck.co.nz are including TINZ in Premium and Ultimate checks. – from $0
  3. Directly at www.Illiontenancy.co.nz. $23.50

Can you still do a TINZ check?

Yes, you can still do a check. This is an important step in making sure that you;

You can do your checking with them directly at Illion Tenancy, or through a 3rd party provider.

Where is the best place to do a Tenant Check in New Zealand?

Read our article here about Where is the best place in New Zealand to do a Tenant Check. In this article we are reviewing four of the main credit checking sites in New Zealand. This should help you to decide which service is right for you.